Weightlifting Event Schedule and Results at London Olympics

Weightlifting probably decides the strongest person on the earth - this is my observation, anyways at London Olympics the Weightlifting events will be conducted at the ExCeL venue (this venue is hosting many events !). There are 8 events for men (156 athletes) and 7 events for women (104 athletes) under different weight categories. Sometimes this event at world stage surprises me to think if it is a Asian championship, I am saying this because most of the medals are won by Asian countries with People's Republic of China (CHN) claiming 8 Gold medals in the last Olympics at Beijing in 2008.

Please check http://www.london2012.com/weightlifting/schedule-and-results/ for additional details about the Weightlifting event at London.

Here is the detailed schedule of Weightlifting Competition:

Men's 56kg - 29th July 2012
Men's 62kg - 30th July 2012
Men's 69kg - 31st July 2012
Men's 77kg - 1st August
Men's 85kg - 3rd August
Men's 94kg - 4th August
Men's 105kg - 6th August
Men's +105kg - 7th August

Women's 48kg - 28th July
Women's 53kg - 29th July
Women's 58kg - 30th July
Women's 63kg - 31st July
Women's 69kg - 1st August
Women's 75kg - 3rd August
Women's +75kg - 5th August

Here is the competition format of Weightlifting: Each lifter has to lift a valid snatch lift and Clean and Jerk lift in 3 attempts. The best lift in each of these is combined to determine their overall result, final total weight lifted. Failure to deliver a valid lift in snatch or clean/jerk will eliminate the weightlifter.

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