Trampoline Schedule, Results at London Olympics

Trampoline is a relatively new sport and was only introduced in Sydney 2000 Olympic games, since then the sport is creating interest among many athletes, this is a high skill acrobatic sport. One medal each in Men and Women category is at stake and the venue for this third type of Gymnastics disciplines is at North Greenwich Arena. There are 16 men and 16 women who are participating in this Trampoline event at these London games.

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Men's Trampoline Schedule
3 August - 14:00 Qualification
3 August - 14:44 Qualification
3 August - 15:26 Final

Women's Trampoline Schedule
4 August - 14:00 Qualification
4 August - 14:44 Qualification
4 August - 15:26 Final

In last Olympics at Beijing, People's Republic of China (CHN) has won the Gold in both the categories.

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