Fencing Events Schedule and Results at London Olympics

Fencing can be termed as one of the oldest sports ever played, since at old times Swords were in use for long. Anyways Fencing has taken a position as modern Olympic Sport and it is generally played between 2 players in a piste which is 14 meters long and between 1.5m and 2m wide. In London 2012 games all the Fencing matches will take place at ExCeL venue. This time there are 212 players competing for 10 Gold Medals (including 105 men and 107 women players).

Check http://www.london2012.com/fencing/schedule-and-results/ for the latest results and updates of the Fencing events Live from London.

Complete Schedule of 2012 London Olympics Fencing event:
Men's Individual Foil - 31st July 2012
Men's Individual Epee - 1st August 2012
Men's Individual Sabre - 29th July 2012
Men's Team Foil - 5th of August 2012
Men's Team Sabre - 3rd August 2012
Women's Individual Foil - 28th July
Women's Individual Epee - 30th July
Women's Individual Sabre - 1st August
Women's Team Foil - 2nd August
Women's Team Epee - 4th August

Small Facts about Olympic Fencing records:
Edoardo Mangiarotti in his 24 year Olympic Games career has won a record 13 medals !

In 2008 Beijing Games - France, Italy and Germany performed well with 2 medals each. Looking at these records we can say that this sport is dominated by European countries, let us see if they face any challenge from American or Asian Fencers this time.

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