Athletics Decathlon and Heptathlon Schedule and Results at London Olympics

Men's Decathlon and Women's Heptathlon are classified as part of the Athletics Combined Events. As the name indicates Decathlon has 10 different track and filed events and Heptathlon has 7 different track and filed events at these London Olympics. Find here more details on the same.

Men's Decathlon Event Schedule, Format and Results

Decathlon Event will be conducted over 2 days. here is the schedule: 

8 August 10:10 Decathlon 100m
8 August 11:10 Decathlon Long Jump
8 August 12:50 Decathlon Shot Put
8 August 18:00 Decathlon High Jump
8 August 21:30 Decathlon 400m
9 August 09:00 Decathlon 110m Hurdles
9 August 09:55 Decathlon Discus Throw
9 August 12:55 Decathlon Pole Vault
9 August 18:30 Decathlon Javelin Throw
9 August 21:20 Decathlon 1500m

See here for more about Women's Heptathlon Event Schedule and Results

Heptathlon Event will be conducted over 2 days. here is the schedule: 
3 August 10:05 Heptathlon 100m Hurdles
3 August 11:15 Heptathlon High Jump
3 August 19:00 Heptathlon Shot Put
3 August 20:45 Heptathlon 200m
4 August 10:05 Heptathlon Long Jump
4 August 11:40 Heptathlon Javelin Throw
4 August 20:35 Heptathlon 800m 

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