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Now you can watch the ongoing worldcup cricket matches from your computer through Live streaming on ESPNStar site at

India vs England 2011 Cricket Series in England


India vs Sri Lanka World Cup Cricket Finals

India vs Pakistan Cricket Semifinal match of ICC World Cup

There are two options from where you can see the matches. The streaming will start when the match starts, another page from where you can try this is:

For a complete schedule of the 2011 world cup cricket matches, please read my previous post.

Also, check out for the big matches that are coming in the next few weeks. Till now there has not been any major upset in any of the matches played till now. England had a narrow escape against Netherlands in its first match. As we are progressing in this tournament the action will pick up and we will be watching more and more exciting world cup cricket matches.

I guess watching these matches Live from home are better than trying to get a ticket to watch in the Cricket stadiums. There is too much of a rush out there and with summer heat picking up in the sub continent, it is better to enjoy these games indoor.

All the best for the cricket matches and hope you will have a fantastic time

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