Asian Games Medals Tally and Results

Here is an latest and up to date information on the medals tally of the ongoing 2010 Asian Games, as you all know the games started on the 12th of November 2010 with a spectacular opening show in Ghangzhou, China.

To see the updated medals tally and event wise results, check here:

There are 476 Gold Medals at Stake at these games. Read more on this from my previous article.

To know more on the games, please check
2010 Asian Games Highlights

China, the host country will top the medals tally without any questions - the second spot will be fought between South Korea and Japan. Once the top 3 slots are taken, it will be interesting to see the progress of other Asian nations in these games and how they improve their performance from the previous versions.

Also expected to see some world records being broken in these games to reiterate the Asian supremacy in the sporting world.

All the best and enjoy watching 2010 Asian Games.

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