Volunteers for London 2012 Olympic Games

Game Makers and Volunteering for London 2012 Olympic Games

As you all know we are going to have the next Summer Olympics in London 2012. The city is all gearing for this mega sporting event and recently I saw an advertisement calling for volunteers for these Olympic Games. You can find more information here: http://www.london2012.com/volunteering

The above link will take you to the volunteering landing page at

How to apply for London 2012 Volunteers role - please see this

Eligibility criteria for London 2012 Olympic Games maker program / Volunteering program - all this information is taken from:


Availability criteria:

You must:

* be willing to volunteer for a minimum of 10 days at either the Olympic Games or the Paralympic Games; or for a minimum of 20 days if you want to volunteer at both;
* be able to attend a 30-minute face-to-face interview at a selection event;
* be able to attend a minimum of three training sessions before the Games (a minimum of 15 hours spread over three days); and
* be willing to accept the role and venue you are offered.

UK immigration rules
You must:
* be eligible to volunteer in the UK in accordance with immigration rules. In other words:
- have the right to live and work permanently in the UK; or
- hold a valid passport or identity card from any country in the European Economic Area; or
- be in the UK or coming to the UK to work in accordance with the UK Points Based System; or
- be in the UK for another reason with a permission to remain in the UK that allows you to volunteer; or
- be able to provide specialist sports-specific skills at the Games or have extensive previous Games experience and be able to meet the requirements for a sports visitor visa.

You must undergo and pass the required screening, security vetting, right to volunteer and background checks. Prior to making offers the organizers will run background checks (Home Office and Independent Safeguarding Authority registration verification), and you will only be eligible to receive an offer if you pass these checks.

Communication skills and personal qualities
You must:

* be able to speak and read English; and
* have a range of select personal qualities and values to ensure first-class service at the Games.

Many but by no means all of the roles will require volunteers to be 18 or over by 1 January 2012. The organizers want to give young people the chance to volunteer at the Games too! The organizers will unveil our Young Games Maker programme for under 18s in summer 2011.

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