Chelsea 2010 EPL Football Champions | Congratulate Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC are 2010 Barclay's EPL Football Champions

In the last day of the Barclay's English Premier League 2010 Football season, Chelsea playing against Wigan Athletic are in a comfortable position ensuring the 2010 English Premiership title irrespective of the result between Manchester United and Stoke City.

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Final Scores - of the top 2 teams matches today - 09th May 2010
Chelsea 8 - 0 Wigan Athletic
Manchester United 4 - 0 Stoke City

As you all know there is a one point difference between Chelsea and Man Utd and the only chance of Chelsea not winning this title was a loss to Wigan's and Man Utd beating Stoke City.

But as the results show - Chelsea are the new champions of Barclay's EPL Football.

Congratulations Chelsea FC on being then Football Champions

Chelsea won this EPL title after 2006.

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