Welcome Sochi 2014 Good Bye Vancouver 2010

2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia

As you know today is the last of day of the 2010 winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. It was a great 2 week competition with many countries from all over the world taking part. The closing ceremony of winter games was great.

Now the Winter Olympic flag no more flies on Vancouver and is now handed over to Sochi, Russia - the host city for 2014 winter Olympic games. People are already looking forward for the next version of these games.

It was a great show by the host nation Canada - not only in their hospitality and helping nature the people there were very loving and I am sure Vancouver will get a big tourism boost with the kind of popularity these games showed over the last two weeks.

Canada won the maximum number of Gold Medals and topped the 2010 Winter Olympics medals table in terms of Golds. USA topped the table with over all number of medals won. It was a dream come true for the Canadians when their Olympics Hockey team defeated USA and won the Gold Medal - Read Canada wins Olympic Hockey Gold.

We already have a website that has information related to Sochi 2014 Winter games - check this:

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