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It is USA vs CAN in Olympics Ice Hockey Finals -

Final Result - Canada beats USA 3-2. Sydney Crosby scores a fantastic goal in the overtime.

Canada creates history with maximum number of Gold Medals

Finland and Slovekia will fight it out for the Bronze Medal

1st Semi Final - USA vs Finland - USA enters the finals after defeating Finland by 6-1

2nd Semi Final - Canada vs Slovekia - Canada Enters finals - CAN 3 : 2 SLOVEKIA

Are we looking forward for a USA vs CAN grand finale? What are your thoughts?

In one of the most looked for matches in Olympics Mens Ice Hockey at Vancouver Winter games 2010, USA will take on Canada. We could get to see many NHL stars being part of this USA vs CAN Hockey match. The match will be on MSNBC at 4-7p.m. Do not miss watching this match.

Canada vs USA womens Hockey finals
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Canada Wins the Womens Olympic Ice Hockey Gold Medal 2 - 0 against USA
CAN 2 : 0 USA

Latest Score: USA Win against CAN in the Hockey group match
Canada 3 : 5 USA

Some questions that you are looking for related to this match.

When is the USA vs Canada Mens Hockey match?It is on Sunday 21st February 2010

When does USA vs CAN Hockey match start?
The match will start at 4:40PM PST

Where can I watch USA vs CAN Olympics Mens Ice Hockey Match?
This will be on MSNBC TV Channel

Why is this match so important?
There are many NHL stars in this match and this will decide the winner from Pool A

History of USA vs CAN Hockey match at winter Olympics
This match will see the repeat of the last 3 Winter Olympics final clash for the Gold Medal

So do not miss this Super Sunday of Hockey in Canada

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