Short Track Event Results and Videos

Today @ Vancouver games we will see the final results and medal winners for the 3 main Short Track Events. Here are the details for the same:

Schedule and timings of Short Track Event finals

19:14 - Short Track - Men's 500 m Finals - Charles Hamelin wins the Gold Medal
Gold and Bronze for Canada
Silver for Korea
USA's Apolo Onton Ohno Dis Qualified for a push - Check Apolo Dis Qualification Video shortly

19:24 - Short Track - Ladies' 1000 m Finals

Gold Medal - China
Silver Medal - USA - Katherine
Bronze Medal - Korea

19:51 - Short Track - Men's 5000 m Relay Finals
Gold Medal - Canada
Silver Medal - Korea
Bronze Medal - USA - Ohno gets another medal.

So get back to this place to see the LIVE updates of this event. There are some big medals to be decided and some big names who will be contending for the same.

Will post the videos of Short Track event as and when they are officially available.

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