Apolo Anton Ohno Olympic medals details

Apolo Onton Ohno Disqualified in the men's 500 m Short Track Race. There was apparently a push from him to a Korean Athlete.

Canada went on to win the Gold Medal in this medal. It is unfortunate that the defending champion Apolo was DSQ in this way.

Ohno manages to get another medal - this time Bronze in the mens 5000m Event - Canada wins the Gold in this event.

Can Apolo Ohno get another medal in the Mens 1000m Short Track event? Check out, the competition is underway now at Vancouv
er Winter games

Mens 1000m Short Track Results:

Korea Gold and Silver
Apolo Onton Ohno gets the Bronze

Speedskater American Apolo Anton Ohno got his overall 6th medal in Olympics
when he got a silver in the 1500m race in the ongoing winter games in Vancouver. With this medal, Ohno has tied with Bonnie Blair for the maximum number of Olympic medals by an individual.

Apolo Anton Ohno has 2 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals to his credit at the winter games.

South Koreans were doing well in the race, but with some luck Ohno managed to get to the second position.

Eric Heiden is the other American who won 5 medals at Olympics and all were Gold.

Today on the FEB 20th we have the finals of the Mens 1000m Short Track finals. Can Apolo Anton Ohno get a medal here?

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