Todays English Premier League Football matches

Watch Todays English Premier League Football matches

EPL Football matches and Results:

Manchester United Vs Liverpool

Here are the list of matches that will be played today in the Barclay's English premier league football. With the holiday season in place every match of this week is being enjoyed by football fans all over England. It has been noticed that Football fans are visiting the matches along with their families.

EPL matches on Sat 26th December 2009
Birmingham vs Chelsea 12:45
Fulham vs Tottenham 13:00
West Ham Utd vs Portsmouth 13:00
Burnley vs Bolton 14:00
Manchester City vs Stoke City 15:00
Sunderland vs Everton 15:00
Wigan Athletic vs Blackburn 15:00
Liverpool vs Wolves 17:30

EPL matches on Sun 27th December 2009
Arsenal vs Aston villa 13:30
Hull City vs Manchester United 16:00

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