MLB World Series 2009 Schedule | Major League Baseball Schedule

MLB has released the tentative schedule for the coming regular season. please check the official website for more details on the same. Here are the pointers to access the same:


Arizona Diamondbacks

Atlanta Braves

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

Houston Astros

Kansas City Royals

Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

New York Mets

Oakland Athletics

Philadelphia Phillies

Seattle Mariners

Tampa Bay Rays

Texas Rangers

Washington Nationals

2016 Olympics bidding city winner results

Winner of 2016 Olympic Games hosting city | 2016 Olympics Announcement Time from Denmark

Latest Results:

Rio de Janeiro to host 2016 Olympics !! Congratulations Brazil.

Chicago, Tokyo cities are out of the race for 2016 Olympics

We are now at the final stage of deciding the final 4 cities who are aggressively bidding to host the 2016 Olympic Games. As you all know 2012 Olympics is being staged by London. The 4 cities who are in stiff competition are Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Chicago USA; Tokyo Japan; Madrid Spain.

The representatives of these 4 cities are lobbying hard to get maximum votes from the member nations. Each of these 4 cities are being represented by their countries top representatives to win the bid for the worlds largest sporting event.

Please tune to this space to find out the winner of the 2016 Olympics City bidding winner.

The final voting is scheduled for today in Copenhagen Denmark.