KFC World Cup of Soft Ball

Here are the details, Schedule and Teams for the 2009 KFC World Cup of Soft Ball. The Championship is starting on the 16th of July 2009. 6 Teams in total are participating in the 2009 KFC World Cup Soft Ball. Here are more details:

Schedule of 2009 World Cup Soft Ball Championship:
July 16
Italy vs. Netherlands
Japan vs. Australia
USA vs. Netherlands
Canada vs. Italy

July 17
Netherlands vs. Australia
Canada vs. Australia
USA vs. Italy
Italy vs. Japan

July 18
USA vs. Canada
USA SP MEN vs. Canada
USA vs. Japan
Japan vs. Netherlands

July 19
USA vs. Australia
Japan vs. Canada
Italy vs. Australia
Netherlands vs. Canada

July 20
#6 seed vs. #5 seed
#4 seed vs. #3 seed
#1 seed vs. #2 seed

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