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Today is the semifinals second leg football match between Barcelona vs Chelsea. The first leg match was a draw at 0-0 so this is like "the" match for both the teams to book a place in the finals.

As you all know Manchester United beat Arsenal to move to the finals.

UEFA Round of 16 Football matches

Barcelona vs Manchester United UEFA Finals

So guys wait and watch this semifinals to see if it is going to be Man Utd vs Barcelona OR Man Utd vs Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League Football finals.

All the information and updates on this UEFA match along with the Video's of the football matches can be viewed at the following:

To see the Video's of Barcelona vs Chelsea UEFA Soccer Semi Finals - check this


Anonymous said...

i didnt watch the match coz i have exam that if there away i can dll the match???

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I am a United supporter and I think Chelsea was robbed terribly.

From: Neesalin Pather
Sent: 07 May 2009 10:59 AM
To: Imre Tibor Csoka; Dino D Govender; Hylton Graham; Cecil Govender; Shuaib Paulsen; Ruvashen Padayachee; Clint Rabe
Subject: RE: Good Referee
UEFA are a damn disgrace for conspiring against an all English final - which is what it should have been.
Judging from Barca's performance last night (one shot on target) - UTD will cream them at least 2 or 3 nil. Barcia are a shit team
My pennies worth

From: Imre Tibor Csoka
Sent: 07/05/2009 10:57 AM
To: 'Dino D Govender'; Hylton Graham; Neesalin Pather; Cecil Govender; Shuaib Paulsen; Ruvashen Padayachee; 'Clint Rabe'
Subject: Good Referee

My thought:
Tom Henning was the referee of last night’s game between Chelsea and Barcelona.

Tom Henning is from Norway and I think he is only good at Ice Fishing.

I am hearing 4 possible appeals for Penalties although I think only 2 should have been valid calls.

Game highlights by comment:

Nevertheless I think the Barcelona versus Manchester game will be good for the eyes.

I am hoping to see good challenges and clean play with no silly mistakes.

Maybe they might have a Hungarian Referee – unless maybe that’s a problem also, maybe he is only good at weight lifting?

I wont be surprised if Everton take the FA Cup when they meet Chelsea

Okay, now that the important stuff is out of the way….see you later.

Anonymous said...

Barcelona is the best foootball team ever