Vijender Kumar Losses in Olympics Boxing Semi Finals

Vijender Kumar Losses in Olympics Boxing Semi Finals

Vijender kumar lost his semifinals boxing bout at 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Vijender won his quarter finals match and was anyways assured of a bronze medal. Now with this loss in the Semi Finals, Vijender has lost the chance of winning either a Silver or a Gold Medal.

He was defeated by the Cuban Boxer Emilio CORREA BAYEAUX in the Men's Middle (75kg) Semifinal 2 by 8:5 points.

The decision of victory was based on points and the score lines looked like this after each round.

Emilio : Vijender Kumar
Round 1 2 : 0
Round 2 2 : 3
Round 3 3 : 0
Round 4 1 : 2

There is a lot of talk about this smart, dynamic and young guy and the whole country was praying for his victory, and he in fact lived up to the expectations of everyone by assuring a medal to India. What ever is the current result - he is the champion.

According to some online reports, noted Film actress Bipasha Basu has promised a date with Vijender Kumar if he brings a Gold Medal to India. So now this has to wait for four more years - till the 2012 LONDON Olympic Games.

Anyways send Congratulations to Vijender Kumar for his performance on winning a bronze medal by commenting here.

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