Shelly Ann Fraser Winner of 100 meter Women Olympic Finals

Fastest Woman on earth - FRASER Shelly-Ann from Jamaica - Winner of Womans 100 meter sprint final at Beijing Olympics

FRASER Shelly-Ann from Jamaica has won the Gold medal in woman 100 meter Olympics finals and thus being the fastest woman on earth. The finalists of this women's 100 meter race included 3 Jamaicans and 3 Americans.

As you know yesterday Usain Bolt from Jamaica created record by winning the Mens 100 meter final event.

Thus this year it has become a grand double for the Jamaicans - what a performance from a small country.

I will post the LIVE Video of Shell Ann Fraser winning the 100 meter Womans final.

Shelly-Ann FRASER has won this race in 10.78 Seconds.

What a grand double for JAMAICA !!

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