Michael Phelps wins 4th Gold with 4th World Record

Michael Phelps wins 4th Gold with 4th World Record at 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games

Michael created a new world record by surpassing his own world record, and on this course he went on to win the 4th Gold medal of 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
Undoubtedly now he is the most accomplished player of the Olympics history.

With this Michael Phelps dream of 8 Gold medals is still on target. What a Swimmer he is !!

Micheal Phelps made USA proud by winning this 4th Gold medal in Men's 200m Butterfly and in this process took 0.06 second off the previous record of 1:52.09 he set at Melbourne in March 2007

Laszlo Cseh of Hungary (1:52.70) and Matsuda Takeshi of Japan (1:52.97) claimed silver and bronze, both these medal winners created European and Asian records respectively.

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